Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 19 - What's Going On In There?!

So...as you can see my waist is no longer in existance! It's so weird to look in the mirror and not realize how your body has changed so much from week to week. I can still wear most of my pre-maternity shirts but stretchy pants are a must. Which were weird to me at first but I am loving them now! Who knew pants that came up to your armpits could feel so great? And another plus...I told my friend Marla the best part of my belly becoming gigantic is that proportionally it makes my butt look smaller! HA...well I keep telling myself that anyway.

This week was the first week I felt the baby move. I'd read all the articles and books and thought I knew what to expect. But dang! ....I didn't realize it would be so strong the first week. There were seriously a few times that it caught me off guard and left me saying....woah! At night seems to be her favorite time and sitting in the recliner around 8-9pm each night is the craziest. I can't wait for Jared to be able to feel her. He sits forever with his hand on my stomach hoping to feel it and he falls asleep the same way each night. So far...she seems to know he's trying and she holds out until he moves his hand away. It's driving him crazy but I know he'll be able to feel it before long too.
The past few days she hasn't been as active but after I called the doctor panicing, he assured me that it's normal for the baby to move like crazy the first week and then to chill out some. He says the blood flow has increased a lot and the baby is feeling kinda wired at first. Then she adjust and will be on and off with the movement. My OB office is the greatest! They have an endless amount of patience!
But that's a whole other blog.....Anyway, it's really reassuring to be able to feel her in there flopping around and it makes me realize that next week is HALF WAY.....omg. I have so much to get done! So much to learn! So much to worry about! Aaagggghhh!

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  1. Isn't feeling the baby move such an exciting time. Just like Seth did for me, a little way of saying Happy Mother's Day! That was the first time I felt him move. I'm so excited for you and the journey of motherhood is the greatest!